Best Foods To Boost Testosterone


Did you know that the food you eat plays a very significant role in your body as it relates to testosterone?  There are definitely foods that boost testosterone and there are foods that kill testosterone!

In the earlier days, I had a tendency to kind of gloss over the idea of incorporating foods as part of a “real strategy” to boost my testosterone naturally.

The more articles I read and medical studies I reviewed, the more importance I began to put on food as a needed and viable strategy component to incorporate in my overall plan to naturally boost my testosterone levels.

Diet Really Does Matter

Then I started to make changes in my diet exchanging known bad foods for known testosterone boosting foods, and I started seeing and feeling the results – then I was hooked!

You know you’re going to eat every day, right?  Then why not just include known foods that are going to do wonders for your testosterone?

Change How You View Food

This brings up a real mental shift in thinking that I had to make regarding food.  The shift was I had to start thinking about food as life-giving fuel and energy instead of it being only something to enjoy or take comfort in because it tasted so good.

Heck, donuts are one of my favorite tasting foods of all time.  Truth be told, they’re one of my weaknesses.  Nothing tempts me more than walking by a table that has an open box of fresh donuts just begging to be eaten.

They used to be my kryptonite, and something I couldn’t resist.  The reason I can resist them now (almost all the time) is the fact that I know how utterly damaging they are to my body and that they do exactly opposite of everything healthy I want to do with my body, including raise my testosterone levels.

Consider A Natural Testosterone Booster Supplement

Just like the best natural test boosters, the right kinds of foods have the specific nutrients, vitamins, minerals, chemical compounds, amino acids, etc. that can and will help your body increase the overall production of testosterone in a real and meaningful way.

There Are Good Foods and Bad Foods

In short, you want to look for foods that contain things zinc (red grass fed meat), magnesium (nuts), diallyl disulfide (garlic), vitamin D (egg yolks), and saturated fats (meat and poultry), just to name a few.

Knowing the right foods to focus on is key, and one of the best resources to check out for all kinds of ways to boost testosterone naturally, including what foods are the best for boosting testosterone is

Don’t forget that not only is it important that you know what foods will increase or boost your testosterone levels, but you also need to know which foods actually lower your testosterone.

Some foods produce estrogen, and estrogen is a testosterone killer.

Sugar, and foods containing a lot of added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and simple carbohydrates are probably the worst category of foods you can eat because of the estrogen they produce.

Other foods to watch out for are processed or non-organic meat, non-organic milk, and most soy products.