Effective male enhancement exercises for enlargement

There are male enhancement exercises that will help to increase the size of your penis. This is both in length and in girth. It is the dream of very many men, if not all, to have a thick, long penis. This will give men the confidence they need to face their partners in bed. Does a female get more satisfied when the penis of the man is huge and thick? Well, that is a discussion for another day. For now, here are some exercises that can help increase the size of the penis.

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With this exercise you ‘milk’ your penis. To do this, you hold the base of your penis using the thumb and the first finger. Hold the thumb and the first finger in a circle like you are doing the okay sign. Then after the penis is held securely under these two fingers, move your hand up the shaft of the penis towards the head. When you are almost at the head of the penis, stop. Repeat the process. You can do this three times a day In reps of 10. This should be done when the penis is partially erect. This is because as you move the arm up the penis you want to push blood that is in the veins up penis.

Benefits of Jelqing

It is known to increase the length of the penis. This is because the constant pushing of the blood through all the parts of the penis will cause It to expand hence increase in size. Remember the penis is made up of muscles and veins. It is also known to increase the penis in girth or thickness. This is because the penis will expand when the blood is being moved upwards. This causes the muscles to expand both ways.


In this exercise you hold the penis and stretch it when it is flaccid. You stretch the penis in all directions. Up, down, sideways and horizontally. After you perform one stretch you release the penis and let it relax. After that you repeat the procedure again. Stretching can also be done using the milking motion. Only this time the penis should be flaccid. When using the Jelqing motion remember not to hold the penis too tight while doing stretches. Stretching should also be done three times in a day and should be done in reps.

Benefits of stretching

It helps to increase the length of the penis.  This is because of the stretching of the muscles of the penis which causes them to increase in length as time goes by.

While performing these exercises you also get the benefit of becoming more aware of your private region. This is because you are able to examine yourself regularly as you do them.