Signs that you need Testosterone boost

Are you in that phase in life where you wonder what happened to your body? You were doing some things so well and know you can just seem to do half of what you used to do. Decrease in testosterone levels in your body could be one of the reasons why you are underperforming in some daily tasks. Here are some of the signs that you have low testosterone levels in your body.

man eating to build muscle

Low sexual drive

With low levels of testosterone many men will suffer from low sexual drives and low libido. As most men age they find that they are not able to perform really well in sex as they used to before. It is also common for most to have low sexual desires and also infertility. This is because of the low production of testosterone in the body. These signs become more prominent as one becomes more aged. You should be able to notice the difference as age kicks in even if you are fit as a fiddle. This is because testosterone production reduces with age. Erections reduce and the stamina to get through intercourse also reduces since most sexual functions in a man are fired by this hormone.

Decreased muscle mass

Testosterone is responsible for the physique properties of a man. This includes the muscles. Men are able to build bigger muscles with ease than women would. Men are also able to have broad shoulders and chests. All this is because of testosterone in the body. when the levels decrease then you will not be able to build muscles as you want or you will have muscles decrease in mass.

Sleeping disorders

When there is hormonal imbalance in the body then sleeping can become a major problem. Having low levels of testosterone in the body is a major imbalance for men since it is their main hormone. While aging, sleeping disorders are common mainly because of the low levels of the hormone. This can however be countered by getting some sleeping pills prescribed which can help you have a decent night’s sleep.

Fragile bones

The bone structure is also a major distinguishing factor between men and women. Due to the physical nature of the man, he is able to maintain big and strong bones that are able to withstand his ruggedness. Testosterone is the major hormone responsible for maintain healthy bones in men. When the levels drop so low then a man may suffer from fragile bones. This means that when aging a man is more at risk of getting fractures and broken bones from simple falls or accidents.

Testosterone levels reduce for everyone but it is important to have yourself checked to ensure that yours are not lower that they should be.